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In this brief 14 second video Max A Pooch demonstrates what each of us can do to reduce America's WASTE line
Max A Pooch was a throwaway dog. His owner relinquished him and he was recycled (rescued) by Orphans of the Storm Animal Shelter.

Now he makes caninoal (personal) appearances with his human Keith for animals shelters and other animal charities as well as environmental groups. 


Max A Pooch, animal activist, environmental activist,

Max A Pooch is also known as the Canine Crusader for Animals and Environment and is the inspiration for the popular Pet Life Radio show Max A Pooch's Awesome Animal Advocates.
Max A Pooch's Awesome Animal Advocates is the popular Pet Life Radio Program that pet and animal advocates and lovers love. It is the only program where each episode is dedicated to animal advocates and created for them, their supporters and animal lovers everywhere. Guests include celebrities, internationally renowned animal environmentalists, and national, regional and local animal advocates who spend their lives advocating for those who can't speak for themselves.
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     Max A Pooch represents every dog that ever entered an animal shelter. Each time he performs he is a living example of the countless shelter dogs waiting to take their new human companions on new and exciting journeys. He is ready to crusade for animals and

environment and hates to see anything from bottles to dogs discarded. Max A Pooch Woofs for your vote and promises he will work hard to save animals and reduce America's WASTE Line.. 
Max A Pooch Canine Crusader for Animals and Environment. Why? Because as a dog who was discarded he hates to see anything thrown away whether it is a pooch or a piece of litter.  He believes humans waste too much and many humans don't do even the simple things such as bending over to pick up a piece of litter.


Learn how you can put Max A Pooh on your team!  When Max A Pooch performs he is living proof of the incredible dogs waiting for homes at shelters and rescue organizations.

He also demonstrates how versatile he and his canine comrades are. For example when people watch him sniff out bottles and you see him demonstrating the qualities of a bomb sniffing dog.

When he picks-up a leash, shoes, sun glasses he demonstrates the qualities of a companion dog. 
And, when he licks his human's face he demonstrates the bond between people and dogs. 

If you are involved with an animal or environmental organization invite Max A Pooh to exhibit his uncanny canine capabilities.
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