Max A Pooch

The black Lab who turns green!

Max A Pooch is the inspiration for the popular Pet Life Radio Show Max A Pooch's Awesome Animal Advocates.

This is the unique program dedicated to animal advocates and provides the behind the scenes details about what these dedicated women and men are doing to save and/or improve the lives of animals.

Guests include Cesar Milan, Bob Barker

theIncredible Dr. Pol and many more!

Make sure you tune us in at Max A Pooch's  Awesome Animal Advocates on Pet Life Radio. Here you will find our most recent episode and more than 60 past episodes.

See Max Performat EarthFest Knoxville 2015 on April 18.

Max is green because he was thrown away like millions of dogs each year. He was lucky and ended up in a no kill shelter where he was recycled.

Max A Pooch will show  people that recycling and picking up litter are so easy even  a dog can do it. Which makes him wonder if it is so easy why don't more humans do it?

When he performs Max A Pooch is also a good reminder of what great companions rescue dogs make.